*the little sunny morning glory ritual*

Whats the best way to begin a new day? with hot water and lemon, with toothbrush and tongue scraper, with the alarm clock that rings too early? with the feeling you got not enough sleep? Or not good enough sleep. With a croissant and a milk coffee or better with scrambled eggs and bacon? With an English good morning tea or a chamomile tea for calming the nerves? Whats the best way to begin a new day wonderful that on the way to the bathroom you smile? Maybe with morning exercises, with yoga, the sun salutation? A short meditation? With affirmation for a beautiful day? What to do? Whats right? How much time do we need? Or maybe better shower cold and hot or a salt peeling for the smoothest skin ever?
Every morning with have the choice and every morning we are too late?
…. or we sit sleepy on the bed and say lovely hello to us: good morning foots, good morning ankles, good morning calfbone, good morning knees, good morning thighs, good morning bottom, good morning pelvis, good morning belly and back, good morning shoulders and chest, good morning upper arms, elbows and forearms, good morning wrist, hands and fingers, good morning neck, head, hairs and face. Good morning for the hole body with smiling and shaking, moving or
swinging – until everything feels nice. After this little glory morning ritual the day begins wonderful. Smile and enjoy.

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